There are times when the existence seems like a burden. A work unfinished or the person’s mockery wreck the heart as it never should. The sense of individuality increases, up to the point to annihilate the existence of anything else.

Then, we wonder. How? When it all happened? When those childish worries took the form of this mature-ish stress. Where was that turning point? Where are those stupid dreams? Where went that time when you thought that your first crush is going to be your soulmate – the first and the last partner?

Regardless, it happened. Everything changed. And now we are left behind to sort all out. By ourselves. Aren’t we mature enough yet?

Dreaming success and love. A greater future, full of roses. Loved ones beside and financial success at your feet. Isn’t this enough to measure your happiness? Fame and money!

Then we say that the world is cruel. Humanity is drifting away. But don’t we prefer the same?

Author: Jashan Kaur

Jashan Kaur is a writer and blogger who covers art, culture, poetry, society, and history for publications. She is experienced in social-marketing and site designing. Currently a high-school student, she is planning to major in psychology pursuing her love for creativity, human mind, and behavior.

16 thoughts on “Rumination

  1. This very well put . I can relate to this post as I’m sure many others can. Thanks for sharing ! I had a tendency to ruminate when I’m anxious . It’s a pain but writing helps . Great post !

  2. Writing really helps a lot. It clears up my mind and helps to find my next step.
    Thanks, however, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Hope you’ll have a lovely day ahead.

  3. Well said. No like tabs in many blogs a bit confusing. Anyway a well said piece on everyone’s angst and a harsh truth in the end for most but not all. I do want fame and fortune.

  4. Thank you for sharing… ahhhhhhhhhhh, fame and fortune… it generally equates to unhappiness, stress, etc… 🙂

    “It is not easy to find happiness within ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” Agnes Repplier

  5. “The sense of individuality increases, up to the point to annihilate the existence of anything else.”

    This is the epitome of modern way of thinking. We’ve built walls to shield and protect (and nourish) our egos, and have drifted away from those around us.

    A very well thought sentence!

    Thank you for sharing this.

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