Residual Thoughts

There are times when humanity seems like a far away thing. The point that we all are human beings, appertaining to the same category of species looks like an illusion. And it never crosses our mind that there are other species, besides us, beyond me, sharing this planet. It is an everyday fact, still, seems like a counter-intuitive thought. Our holy network of the ecosystem is ruining day by day but we don’t care. It doesn’t matter if the insects are going extinct. We don’t care what will be the future of this planet, the future of this humanity and this green graceful nature.

It doesn’t matter as long as there is ME.

Maybe, we are too selfish. Ahimè, this growth! Why are we evolved to the point? How do we reach here? This place where anything beyond ourselves doesn’t matter. Caring for other kinds is a distant consideration but we don’t even care for our fellows. We become the prey of our feelings, irrational feelings, emotions, instincts. Killing and ruin others for power, jealousy, love, obsession, madness, and fun. We are too self-absorbed. Too damned. Such a feeling of distinction, almost irrational, extreme. It seems like that connection to the self is lost. Irretrievably lost in the midst of superficiality.

But, craving for that lost link is immense. I can smell that peace I once felt. That satisfaction, that completeness. This memory is sweet. And powerful. A source to keep me alive.

Gives me strength and hope that someday, maybe someday, I can feel that again.

Author: Jashan Kaur

Jashan Kaur is a writer and blogger who covers art, culture, poetry, society, and history for publications. She is experienced in social-marketing and site designing. Currently a high-school student, she is planning to major in psychology pursuing her love for creativity, human mind, and behavior.

5 thoughts on “Residual Thoughts

  1. This is a very thought provoking post. I feel the emotion behind the words you write yet I can’t help but find myself speechless, yet still in deep thought about what you wrote. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Hi Jashan, interesting post and pretty intense for a young person such as yourself. I’m curious where or what it was that once gave you the peace that you have indicated you once had. I see that you “liked” a couple of my posts and I thank you for that. Please feel free to make comments or ask questions, should they come to your mind. It would appear that you see what many don’t see. Don’t lose that, it’s really important. I pray that God will help you in your quest for answers.

  3. Thanks, Mr. Cooper for your kind comment!
    Apart from occasional peace that one derives from nature, I think the actual peace I was talking about came in those younger years, the early years of my life when I was too happy and oblivious to earthly worries.
    But this is life, right? And I will try to have the best of it while hoping the same for everybody.

  4. I don’t believe that we “evolved” to be selfish. I believe selfishness is an inherent defect in human nature, a byproduct of original sin. If we do not control it, our selfishness may destroy the species and the planet.

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