Would you still look for me ?

One fine evening,
A thought came into my mind
which made me ponder and think of my plight
I sat on my chair and thought if I die
Would you come to me to say a final goodbye?
Would my dead body be able to get delight?
With  her alive beloved  sitting beside

I am not sure if it all makes sense,
But it is – just an attempt
to know…

If!! I am not alive except in your dream, Would you still look for me??

When the Dusk will set its spark,
with the sky full of stars,
Decorating it with their gleam
Will they remind you of your queen?
And  Would you still look for me??

Would you think of nights we spent together?
In that freezing cold weather,
To whom would you say-
“My world with you seems serene”
Would you still look for me ??

When one day suddenly your phone would beep,
Would you pray that;
By any chance, it’s your stupid being
If not!
Would you still look for me??

God forbid something silly happens around you,
Whose name would you scream?
Will it be mine or your new sunshine?
I hope she replies and
If not!
Would you still look for me ??

Who was he ??


There was a knock on my door
when I was sitting all alone
crying, dying and craving for a listener

And to my surprise
The person standing outside,
Asked me to let him in
So that I can vanish my gloom
Let flowers of smile again to bloom

His presence lightened my room
As if, we were in a state all aloof
I  asked him – Why has he come?
He said- to make you listen to your inner drum

He said,
My Dear look around
Birds are chirruping, trees are dancing
As the wind blows,
Look at the sky & watch the stars glow
And tell me – Do you still find a reason to be low?

Amazed by the sight of the endless and hopeful sky,
I realized that I can be happy if I try….