Resignation Syndrome

Resignation syndrome has affected hundreds of refugee children in the last fifteen years in Sweden. Children enter in a lifeless state; they breathe but don’t talk, respond, or see.

  •  The resignation syndrome or withdrawal syndrome afflicts the child who had gone through the psychological trauma. The trauma causes them to withdraw from the world.
  • At first, children start eating less and less. They talk less, respond less and with the progression of this syndrome, they stop eating and talking altogether.
  • The first case was reported in 1998 in the north of Sweden and soon there were more cases looming from the same area.
  • It is also seen that children of specific ethnicity are more prone to this syndrome. As there has been no case noticed regarding African refugees but mostly the children from former USSR territories, Balkans and Romani.

This syndrome has cultural boundaries and experts suggest that socio-cultural factors contribute to the development of the disorder. 

Author: Jashan Kaur

Jashan Kaur is a writer and blogger who covers art, culture, poetry, society, and history for publications. She is experienced in social-marketing and site designing. Currently a high-school student, she is planning to major in psychology pursuing her love for creativity, human mind, and behavior.

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