is going to be cruel
A solemn, dreary blackness
Misty blue mountains
grieving from my flashy window
longing for someone
asking for a loved one
one who is lost
in commonness
someone far away
living in an odd sphere
of time and space
enjoying a lovely evening
worrying maybe, loving maybe
crying maybe or denying maybe
you can never see
never know
never console

Just imagine
and love

Author: Jashan Kaur

Jashan Kaur is a writer and blogger who covers art, culture, poetry, society, and history for publications. She is experienced in social-marketing and site designing. Currently a high-school student, she is planning to major in psychology pursuing her love for creativity, human mind, and behavior.

8 thoughts on “Longing

  1. I like the poem.
    And I have a suggestion for You: It would be very useful and nice of You to put a “like” button below Your posts?
    (And, a pop up with which calls visitors to join the Views Bros community is pretty aggressive and annoying.)

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